A downloadable game

SUPER rough early version. Throw potions at others (online) or yourself. Bot is immune =(


Walk or Run: Hold left mouse to accelerate (or WASD)

Select inventory potion: Hold right mouse + Scroll

Throw potion: Right + Left mouse

Zoom camera: Scroll mouse

Slow down time: Left CTRL

Change time of day: Hold Q

EXIT GAME: Press ` key, then type "quit".

Game was built around network play but I don't know how to get the computers to connect =(

More information

Published Aug 21, 2014

Install instructions

IF IT WON'T RUN, download the VS library: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.a...

Unzip somewhere, the executable is buried in the folders: C:\OtherGame\WindowsNoEditor\OtherGame\Binaries\Win64\OtherGame.exe

-The shortcuts have parameters for setting multiplayer (but the folder path is wrong).

-The 32Bit version has no console commands/command line parameters (I think anyway; So, multiplayer is out). 


OtherGameV0_Ports80_78.7z 383 MB