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The screenshot is page 19 of 38 of the transformative madness our foxy friend left behind in the basement.

It mainly follows an uptight med student regressing into a ditzy teenage party bunny, as all the bad influences start to overwhelm her better judgement. Meanwhile a bit of roughhousing has a girl losing more than an eye, and a pent up guy gives in to his more feral urges as she blossoms to better suit them.


Buy Now$13.00 USD or more

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Any chance of releasing this onto steam?


Check out this new hentai game. The graphics and sex-scenes are AMAZING!

Here, play it now, CLICK

I keep trying to buy it but it keeps declining my card even though I have the funds on it.

Yeah stripe says your bank is denying it. Maybe try paypal or phone your bank etc.

Sent you an email with the Transaction ID, may I have the link emailed please?

Responded, mb that it took a day.

I bought it but never received a download link 

Private message me somewhere with proof of payment and I'll send a download link.


Purchased just now, but unable to find download.

Itch.io does this sometimes. Private message me somewhere with proof of payment and I'll send a download; email, deviantart notes, etc etc.